Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can I Write My Query Letter before Finishing My Book?

This was an interesting read. It magically appeared this morning in my e-mail. It also has a link to look at older query letters from earlier editions of "Writer's Digest."
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  1. I know that fiction writers are supposed to finish their books before sending out query letters and proposals, and nonfiction writers should write their query letters and proposals before writing their book.

    But with respect to this guy's blog, I can see merit in having a clearer vision of what your book is going to be (since it would then exist), versus speculating what it will be.

    At the same time, I also see the point of not wasting too much time writing a book that may be very different after a publishing company gets finished with the contract. So, if you feel like I do and feel more comfortable finishing your book first, it seems to me that it would be OK, so long as you don't get "married to it." (Sometimes it's difficult to change or omit something we're attached to.)

    I just think having a better vision of the end product is worth the price of making changes. And while one could argue that you're wasting precious time, it seems to me that the time would be about the same, having written most of the book before the contract, rather than after. I personally don't want my writing to be under the pressure of a looming deadline.