Saturday, December 25, 2010

Screenwriters Contest

From Bill:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I just came across this site from an ad on Facebook for anyone interested in Screenwriting.  Who knows what may happen!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Facebook Link

From Bill:

I just came across this new resource for authors while browsing through Facebook.  Check out the links.  It may be helpful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party

From Bill:

We had our December monthly meeting tonight at Books-A-Million and decided to adjoin to Applebees shortly thereafter.  We had six people in attendance and were sorry that more members couldn't make it.  Everyone had a good time.  Many stories were exchanged.  Our plans for 2011 were discussed.

Fred mentioned the Pennwriters Conference in Pittsburgh sometime in May.  It would be worth-while if we could attend.  More details to follow.

Season's Greetings to everyone.  May 2011 be prosperous.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chris Berhalter

Hi, everyone.  I read Chris's book after buying it on  I showed it to Sean Duffy at the library, gave him Chris's e-mail address, and voila!!!


PS  Hope to see everyone next Monday for some refreshments and camaraderie.

Lunch With Books at the Ohio County Public Library created an event.

Heir to the Throne with author Chris Berhalter

Tuesday, May 17 at 12:00pm at Lunch With Books at the Ohio County Public Library

On Tuesday, May 17 at noon, Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Berhalter, the author of a new political thriller titled Heir to the Throne (Aberdeen Bay)..., will present a program on his book at Lunch With Books at the Ohio County Public Library. The book follows presidential candidate Fred Downey who discovers a mystery concerning his late mother’s estate that leads to more discoveries that endanger his political career, his own life and the lives of those he loves. The man who has never failed to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences, now faces his greatest test. Lunch With Books programs are free and open to the public. Patrons are invited to bring a bag lunch and free beverages are provided. Please call the library at 304-232-0244 for more information.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New link for self-published authors

Hi, all.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Just came across this link on facebook for anyone who has self-published a book.  It could be another way to network.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

December's Meeting

From Bill:

Since December's meeting will be on December 20, it was discussed that we should meet at the usual location and then proceed to a local establishment for food and refreshments.  So just bring your appetites.

November 15th Meeting

From:  Bill

We had another good meeting last night with 12 people in attendance. We started off by having four readers read their short stories or poems.

Bill started it off by reading B I G O T which is not what it sounds like it would be.  BIGOT was the top of the line in secrets during World War II.

Rich read  Victorian Christmas Tree which was published in his book.

Alice read Breeding Ground, Journey Back, The Adversary, Emergent, and Wasteland.

Helen read An Ode to the Computer which was published in 1985 when everybody in business had to learn to use a new tool.

Todd read one of his blog entries on how to downsize so that everything you own has to fit in a compact car to make the cross-country journey from CA to WV.

After the readings, we met our newest member, Chris Berhalter, who had his first book published in August.  The book is Heir to the Throne and is published by Aberdeen Bay Publishers.  He had it published without knowing anything about the business of getting a book published.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meeting on Monday

Meeting is at 7pm on Mon. Nov. 15 at Books a Million. Try to bring a friend for some free entertainment and shopping. FORWARD THIS EMAIL AND ADVISE ON FACEBOOK. Send me email address of those who want to be on the list.

Listed readers who will read original material include.Bill Orkoskey, Jomana Krupinski, Rich Knoblich, Alice hemgra, Joanie Murray Todd Foose, Emily, Andy Fred Conners. Not everyone will have time to read. Please limit reading to 5-6 minutes. don't have to read the entire piece, nothing wrong with a cliffhanger.

I'll have NO signups for DEC. The meeting is scheduled for Dec. 20, mighty close to Christmas. It was suggested we gather at Books a Million then as a group we go someplace (restaurant?) for shop talk and hot cocoa, wine, or beer. I support this suggestion but am open to further ideas.

Rich Knoblich, Storyteller
14 Ken Mar Rd.
Wheeling, WV 26003
304-232-6436 Home
304-780-0046 Mobile (NEW!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18 meeting

From:  Bill

Rich put together another fun night of outstanding authors reading their articles to the rest of us.  This new program just shows how outstanding our writing companions are.

Karen started it off with a family autobiography called “Sharing A Dream”.

This was followed up by Helen reading a poem “Love Exchange” that she submitted to a national poetry contest. She was 1 of 100 winners.  She also read an article out of the May 2008 edition of GOOD OLD DAYS which she submitted and they published.  It was entitled “My Family in the Flood” and told the story of how she and her family survived the 1936 flood in Wheeling.

Then Fred read “Carnations and Candles” concerning his observations on the night that the violence victims met at Wheeling’s Heritage Port.  This will be posted on Fred’s new blog.

Next we had Andy reading an article that he had published in Renaissance Magazine called “Taking Out the Garbage.”  This shows that any topic, if done right, can be sold.

Kathryn then read “Dog Tales” about her life-long love for collies and how her family came to get the first one. 

Finally Todd read a fiction short story which may be the basis for something longer.  The genre may be hard to pin down.  It could fall into Sci-Fi or Fantasy. 

After the readings were done, we discussed a few minor things but mostly broke into small groups to talk about the readings we just heard.

After most of the group had left, Fred mentioned that he thought the December meeting should be held in a location where we could celebrate the holiday season.  Since we get a lot of drop-ins, I think we should start out at Books-A-Million and then adjoin to some place else up at the Highlands.  Think about this and let us have your thoughts on this at the November meeting.

We also had two visitors drop in from Pittsburgh thanks to Fred’s invitation to his Pittsburgh writer’s friends.  They said we have something really unique in the readings we’re doing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Freelance Writing Lead

Hi, Everyone.  I was just on Facebook and an ad for Demand Studios popped up on the side.  Here’s their URL:

They require a resume and a sample of your work. 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still haven't moved! Ugh.

Hi everyone,

So the last time I checked in, I was supposed to be moving on Sept. 30. A few days before our closing date, our buyers decided to finance differently, which required the date to be moved to Oct. 15. Today we just found out that it will be moved yet another week forward. Soooo, long story short, I will very likely be unable to make the next meeting. We've been packing/unpacking/re-packing/scheduling/unscheduling. Things have been crazy! In any case, I'm very sorry to miss the meetings - I hope everyone is doing well! Hope to  see you all soon!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interesting article

A Facebook friend posted this and I thought it worth sharing with fellow writers.

What do you think?


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tomorrow's Meeting

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry to say that I will not be able to read tomorrow at our meeting -- we sold our house this month and Sept. 30 is the Big Moving Day. Needless to say, every minute of the next 11 days is absolutely essential to packing and moving and getting myself, my husband, two kids, dog, ferret, and goldfish out of this house and settled into the new one :).

I'll definitely look forward to reading at the next meeting, though...good luck to everyone and have a great time!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Writers Reading for OV Writers Group

Just a reminder that  several of you signed up for the new feature of our writing group where you get to read aloud to an appreciative audience a sample of your latest work. (Relay this message along to those not subscribed to our blog.) Think 5-7 minutes for your reading. It'll be enough to get a taste of your flavorful style. If you are not signed up for this round I'm sure you'll be inspired to sign up for the October meeting. This will allow you a chance to get quick feedback on your work, eliminate guessing how many 'papyrus' copies to run off, save $ on ink and paper. You could say we're going green.

I will supply a small sound system so you can be heard above the hum of the pastry cooler. Make plans to bring a friend to enjoy coffee, a pastry, and good company with conversation supplied by valley writers. Affordable fun!

After we have heard all of the writers reading we'll have plenty of time to talk shop, give feedback, or answer inquiries since the bookstore doesn't close 'til 10:00

Questions? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Sept. 20, 7:00PM the OV Writers Group at Books-a-Million's Joe Muggs Cafe.
Rich K.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Centre Cup on First Friday

Wheeling celebrates the First Friday of each month. First Friday promotes arts and culture combined with social networking. OV Writers Group members Rich Knoblich and Andy Fraenkel will be enjoying some storytelling time at the Centre Market coffee shop on Sept. 3 at 5:30. Hope you can come and enjoy some socializing with us this Fri.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

author's blog

The first chapter of Lynda Sasser Hill's debut mystery novel is available on her blog. Please check it out. Of course I like it because it centers around a race track. Reminds me a bit of Dick Francis. She is very active on her facebook and blog and is also on a book signing tour right now. She gave me permission to post her link to our blog.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

James F. Casto

James F. Casto from Huntington, WV spoke at the Wheeling Public Library last Tuesday.  He was a newspaper columnist with about 20 historical books to his credit.  His main topic was the 1937 Flood.

Two things that he mentioned stood out.  When he first started out as a journalist, he used the by-line Jim Casto on his very first article.  His editor told him that, if he only used that name as his by-line, he would probably wind up as a sportswriter.  From then on, he was James F. Casto.

One of his books that he penned was about the Tugboat industry.  His publisher talked him into buying the last 30 copies that they had left from the production run, meaning it was technically out-of-print.  But since everyone recently went to Print-On-Demand, he can get just a few more copies printed up and still make money on them.

To clarify the difference between the 1936 flood and the 1937 flood, the 1936 flood was much higher and caused more damage in the local area reaching a height of 55.1 ft in Wheeling. It was basically caused by an early snow melt in the mountains and occurred in March.

Only 10 months later, a massive storm came over the area and stayed for a while.  It caused more destruction down river in Huntington, Cincinnati, and Louisville.  This was in January, 1937.  It flooded again in Wheeling, but not as bad.  Of course coming so soon behind the other flood caused severe hardship on everyone affected.

We had a number of people in atendance that told us 1st person accounts of what happened when they were 7 and 8 years old.  This was when the Tabernacle building broke free and took 5 houses with it from Wheeling Island. 


In Cold Blood

There will be a book talk at the Bellaire Public Library at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 21st on the great true crime novel "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.  Unfortunately, Mr. Capote won't be here.  The speaker will be John Whitehead, professor of fine arts at Wheeling Jesuit University.   The presentation is free and open to the public.  No reservations are needed.


August Meeting

We had a tremendous meeting this week with a total of 16 budding authors in attendance plus our guest speaker, John McCabe, from the Wheeling Newspapers.

We had a lot of new people due to Rich’s article being published in the newspaper last week with the time and place of the meetings.  Since this was the 1st Anniversary of the club, I believe that this was the most that we have had in attendance since 18 showed up at our very first meeting.

Congratulations are in order to Jo for landing the on-line free-lance assignment.  Thanks for the links, Jo.  Keep turning out the good work.  Those small remittances will soon add up to something substantial.

Jo mentioned that she had to use the AP Stylebook in her new assignment.  John McCabe repeated this advise.  This book can be purchased at .  It may be cheaper to buy a copy at Amazon or you can use an on-line version for any questions that may arise.  Per John McCabe, a new edition is published each year since changes are constantly made to it. 

John McCabe gave us some good guidance on writing for the newspaper.  The main thing deals with critical thinking – be skeptical about anything.  Don’t be afraid to dig deep for your assignment.  If you have an idea for an article, contact John McCabe or Mike Myers before you start your research.  They’ll point you in the right direction or tell you if it’s not right for the Wheeling Newspapers.  Remember there are other newspapers out there to pitch.  There is a Writers’ Digest with the contact info for any newspaper in the United States. 

Another helpful book that we discussed was CRAFTING SCENES by Raymond Obstfeld. 

Finally we had a sign-up sheet for Rich’s live readings that will begin with the next meeting.  We have a total of 10 on the sign-up sheet.  Remember to have your story ready by the next meeting.  You may not have to read it at the next meeting, but be prepared in case a lot of the people can’t make it.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Demand Studios

As I mentioned tonight at the meeting, I really encourage everyone to consider applying to Demand Studios. I have had a wonderful experience with them so far, and I've written six articles that have made it to publishing on To write for Livestrong, you have to have some health or science background, but Demand Studios also needs writers for other sites such as eHow and Answerbag. Just go to the site, and click on the "Now Hiring" button. You'll need a resume and a writing sample, but other than that, the application process is fairly straightforward. You'll also have to agree to their "contributor's agreement," but it's all pretty standard stuff. Please let me know if I can help in any way if you get stuck or have questions.

Here is the site:

Also, if you would like to see a sample of what I write for Livestrong, here are the links to a few of my articles. They put my name and photo at the bottom, and my bio is sometimes there (not sure why it doesn't always show up -- I assume it has something to do with whoever edits the article).

Good luck!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Online conference

I though someone may be interested in this.

CAUTION: This is not an endorsement. Check it out before you get involved. It sounds like a good thing.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Newspaper article: OV Writers Group Aug. 13, 2010

For those who missed the entire article as submitted here is the original version to enjoy. Rich K.

OV Writers Group Lending Support
Article: Rich Knoblich
Photo: by Bill Orkoskey
Imagine the glamor of being an author! The book tours, celebrity status, and rubbing elbows with the literati when your publisher announces to the media that your latest novel is being turned into yet another blockbuster movie project! Rumor has it that Oprah put you on her book club list. The money talk flows with the champagne at receptions. What will you wear to the book signing in LA? Excuse me, I better check the cellphone. It may be the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize people calling. It’s only Sis and you ease out of your Walter Mitty fantasy.
It seems many individuals have a desire to be published, not so much for the allure of fame and fortune, but for the personal satisfaction of having one’s work read by others. But time limitations and a lack of support puts a damper on their writing enthusiasm. The desire to be published remains an unfulfilled dream.
However, in August of 2009 a group of enthusiasts organized the first meeting of the Ohio Valley Writers Group. The informal group dedicates each monthly meeting to sharing information and experiences towards the goal of helping one another become published.  Among the nearly two dozen aspiring writers are Jomana Krupinski and Joanie Murray.
Although the members of the OV Writers possess various talents and expertise levels, Krupinski and Murray developed a common approach. Each looked to Writer’s Digest, a magazine ‘devoted to helping writers develop their craft and hone their publishing acumen.’ Since 1920 the company has encouraged writing and publishing through its monthly magazine. Yet, WD keeps up with technical advances and has evolved into an Internet presence with a website containing a discussion forum, on-line classes, an e-newsletter, writing links, and writing conference information.
Krupinski, who has a BS degree in Environmental Studies from Wheeling Jesuit University, wanted to expand on her education. Acknowledging a creative desire she regarded freelance writing as a viable alternative. It allowed her the flexibility to work at home, raise her two children, and continue her education.
After subscribing to WD magazine she quickly discovered the many course offerings on their website. Dozens of online classes were listed ranging from six to 15 weeks with reasonable costs. Coursework and communication support was done online with email support from a knowledgeable instructor. Encouraged by her husband Mark, Krupinski successfully tackled many course assignments about writing.
Encouraged after a couple of articles got published Krupinski then wanted to venture into fiction. “I always dreamed of becoming a novelist, and as soon as I found out Writer’s Digest offered a course on the fundamentals of fiction writing, I knew it would be perfect for me.”
The online class addressed setting, plot, and crafting scenes in the first week. The feedback received “was incredible and extremely thorough” with the instructor also considering grammar, voice and viewpoint. The critique, by an editor who had published thirteen novels, was done in a professional and supportive manner.
Joanie Murray caught Krupinski’s enthusiasm quickly and was impressed with the information offered on the magazine’s website. Her search revealed ‘The Editor’s Intensive,’ a weekend conference held in Cincinnati, OH.
After a registering she emailed her manuscript two weeks before the intensive began to allow the editors time to read and critique. An appointment for a 30 minute one-on-one critique was made the week before to accommodate each writer.
“I was hoping to learn the secret to landing an agent,” explained Joanie. She received, “Positive feedback on my work. Though I still have a great deal of work ahead of me, I feel I now have the tools to make my manuscript the best it can be. I knew I needed help to find the flaws in my work and get it publishable.” Also, Joanie learned she needed a good hook in a great query letter to gain the attention of an agent.
Now the hopeful authors have the support of a local writing group for direct face-to-face feedback. And with the perseverance these women are showing towards their writing, readers may soon enjoy a satisfying book from these aspiring Ohio Valley authors.
The OV Writers group is open to everybody interested in writing or publishing. The informal meetings are held at 7:00 PM the third Monday of each month at the Joe Muggs Cafe located within Books-a-Million at the Highlands in West Virginia. For information contact Rich Knoblich at or 304-232-6436.
Recommended Sites for:
Writing in general see Writer’s Digest - www.writers
Help on Children/Young Adult genres see - Alice Pope’s blog -
Literary agents see -
While Jomana Krupinski was a student in Wheeling Jesuit University’s MBA program she contributed to the book Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion by Edward Younkins. She has been published in several online magazines and contributed business articles for WJU’s website. She is currently working on a young adult novel Ordinary. awarded her second place in a contest for initial chapter.
Joanie Murray and her husband Bryan have been married for 13 years. She works as an office manager for DRD Consulting in St. Clairsville, OH. This Mount de Chantal graduate attended WVU and the Community College of Southern Nevada. She competes on the Hunter Circuit with their three horses. Two dogs and three cats help fill the house.
Rich Knoblich is author of Talking ‘bout the Relatives a collection of his award winning tall tales from the WV Liars Contest. He is currently working on a book of ghost stories and was the ‘Ghost Host’ for Steel City Bus Tours in Pittsburgh.

Next Meeting

Hi All
If anyone has a copy of the article that appeared in the paper on Friday, please bring it to the meeting.
Speaking of the paper - John McCabe, managing editor, will be there to answer questions and discuss opportunities for freelance writers.
Bring a friend.


Article in Wheeling News-Register

I just wanted to post that I saw the article in the newspaper today that Rich submitted (albeit a lot shorter, but hey, let's not complain, right?!). Nice job everybody -- we're officially "newsworthy!" See you on Monday, I hope -- my car will be in the shop, so I'm hoping to borrow my mom's truck to get up there. Have a great weekend!


Monday, August 2, 2010

For those who want to learn more about self-publishing

Writer's Digest is hosting a webinar this week for people who are interested in self-publishing. I thought it might be of interest to some of you:

I know sometimes the link doesn't work on the blog site, but I think you can copy and paste and it should be okay.

Happy writing!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Shortchange Yourself

I learned a very important lesson this week. You know that little voice inside your head? That inner critic that's constantly chattering away, nagging you and making sure you never step outside your comfort zone? I have one, too, and I finally told her where she could go. And believe it or not, it worked!

I'm so excited, and I thought if I could share this with anyone who would be happy for me, it would be all of you in this group! I was searching online sites that were looking for freelance writers, and finally found one that seemed to match my interests: (the site associated with Lance Armstrong's foundation). It's all about science, health, and wellness, and I have a BA degree and a background in environmental health, so I thought, why not? However, they really wanted health professionals with a Master's Degree, but said they would consider experience. So I put my resume together, attached a few writing samples, and sent it off, all the while enduring the endless negative self-talk of my inner "fault-finding committee".  In fact, I was absolutely positive that it would return to me with a big fat "UNDERQUALIFIED" stamped on the front.

But it wasn't! In fact, I was approved as a freelance writer for, and hope to start claiming assignments very soon. Who knew?

I guess the point is to always give yourself more credit -- I think all writers tend to be too self-critical. Just put it out there and go with it. I mean, really, what have you got to lose?

So I'm wondering, can I officially call myself a writer now? :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Storyteller Shares His Insights

Hi Writers,

This is Jason Pyles writing from Salt Lake City. At the risk of seeming like a self-promoter, I wanted to let you know that our very own professional storyteller Rich Knoblich braved my contrary co-hosts and graced my movie podcast with his narrative wisdom. (For those who don't know, a podcast is basically a topical radio show that can be heard anytime online.)

Though our show is primarily about movies (and not writing, per se), I thought you might be interested because we discuss a storytelling technique that Rich refers to as a "sidebar" that also frequently shows up in book-writing.

Anyway, it's a free show that can be downloaded off the Internet here:

Rich makes his appearance in Episode 2, which is our show about the "Toy Story" franchise. And just beware, though our show is more or less family-friendly, it has some very mild off-color moments of levity.

Jason Pyles

Sunday, July 25, 2010

OVW Handouts

At our last meeting we had some new members. Handouts from past meetings were requested. As we grow it will become necessary to give handouts to new members and it's not known how many will be needed. I don't want to leave anybody out so I decided to scan all of my handouts into a folder. I'll put it onto a thumbdrive to share with anybody who brings a laptop.

I don't have all the handouts so if you have one that you think is of help bring it to the next meeting and I'll take it home, scan it, and deposit it into the growing folder. Because there are images the individual files are a bit large for emailing. I did scan them as PDF files.

OR you can bring a blank CD and I can save it onto the disc for you. Thumbdrives and CD's are the easiest way I know to update and distribute the info. If you know of another way let me know.

Rich K.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gist St. article

Since I'm the guy who wants to institute a writers reading forum I thought I'd give a sense of what I envision. Ironic I can't make it to the next meeting. Hopefully, many of you have read the Pittsburgh Magazine article distributed at the last meeting. Very ambitious what they've done in Pittsburgh. My hope is for something scaled back and still enjoyable. I want OVW to:

1. Have a support setting for writers to test their own work before a live audience. Nothing like immediate feedback to get a sense of how the words are flowing.

2. An audience! Sometimes you're so excited about a project that you want to share NOW and what could be better than a gathering of friends over coffee to showcase the talent?

3. Bring in creative writing teachers from area schools and colleges to share their talents. I think the poets would be a great addition and are lurking out there wishing for an audience.

4. With a place to share (BaM), our group grows in membership and becomes even more dynamic.

What I don't want?
I don't want somebody to 'share' an article written by somebody else. Make handouts for us to enjoy at home during a quiet moment.
I don't want people to share passages from their favorite book. I want to hear fresh creative original writing from our members.

Rich K.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Bill

From Fred

I am having trouble removing the last line from your previous post. Please remove the line or delete the entire post.   Thank You

Again - No Politics

From Fred

Bill - I removed the last line from your latest post.  Please do not insert your political views on this blog site.

Delay on Writers reading

I just looked at my calendar and I'm scheduled to perform at the Moundsville Public Library on Aug. 16 at 6 PM! That means I won't be able to attend the first writers reading with the PA system. Sorry.

Hopefully, our writers will still read aloud their work and discuss their writing procedures.  The OV Writers Group exchanges so much valuable information. I'll be sure to give us a big plug while at the library in Sept. to recruit more enthusiasts.

Rich K.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Great meeting!

From Fred

We had a great meeting on Monday. We had more on our plate than we could eat. Based upon the people who are coming, I believe things are going to get even better. Welcome Jim, Elizabeth, Todd and Debbie. Hope to see you again.  If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know.  Next month is our one year anniversary.  Wow!

Our Very First Post on the Blog

In honor of our first anniversary, here is the first post that Jason did:

Friday, August 21, 2009

NOTES: First Meeting, 8-20-09

Posted by Jason

— Purpose of this Organization:

To offer support and encouragement to local, fellow writers, as well as seeking to learn more about the business of writing and specifically, how to get published.

— Writing a book is an art form that's subject to interpretation; getting published is a science, with strictly defined rules. — Fred

— In the book industry, money always flows to the writer, not from the writer.

— When trying to publish FICTION, these are roughly the steps:

a.) write the book

b.) send a query letter to an agent

c.) if agent approves, send a synopsis and three chapters

d.) send to the publisher

(First-time authors typically get about $10,000.)

— When trying to publish NONFICTION, these are roughly the steps:

a.) write the book proposal first (even before writing the book)

b.) write a query letter to agent

c.) if approved, then send proposal

d.) the proposal should be a complete marketing plan for your book; it’s like a business plan — you have to sell your book, because making money is always the bottom line; try to know what they’re looking for, before you ever send your proposal

— Platform — an explanation of your expertise, or why YOU should be the one to write this book

— Genre: You should be able to assign your book to a specific genre (ex. biography) on bookstore shelves

— Hook (or “Elevator Pitch”) — We should be able to accurately describe our book in 25 words or less — and sell it! This should be short enough to tell your agent what it’s about before the elevator gets to the next floor.

— A Query Letter — tells a little more in-depth what the book is about; note any previous publishing experience in your query letter; this adds to your platform and helps define who you are

— Getting published is possible; distribution is much more difficult

— agents seem to be “the gatekeepers”

— the length of a typical novel is about 80,000 words, but really, the length should be “as long as it takes,” no more, no less

— Fred recommends attending the writers’ conferences; you get a 10-min. pitch with an agent

— Getting published will mean submitting to an agent, to critiquing and to an editor

— Every Tuesday, the Ohio County Public Library hosts “Lunch With Books” at noon, where authors often come

— We are considering a possible book-sharing/borrowing program among our group members

— The 5 W’s and H:







— Once writers get published and distributed, how can they get customers to pick up their books, particularly if they don’t have the financial, advertising muscle backing them?

— Talk to an Author in Moundsville:

Best-selling author Patricia Harman will be presenting a multi-faceted program at 6 p.m. Monday at the Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library, 700 Fifth St. Her main topic will be the impact of stress on family health, but she’ll also discuss her work as a nurse-midwife, her recent book, and the writing and publishing process. Anyone interested in writing and publishing their own work will find Harman’s discussion of her experience with the process very useful. The library program is free and open to the public. For more information about the author and memoir, including reviews and an excerpt, visit

Posted by OV Writers Group at 10:55 PM 2 comments

July’s Meeting

From Bill:

We had a very spirited and enthusiastic meeting tonight with 9 attendees including 4 new members.  Welcome to Jim, Debbie, Elizabeth, and Todd. Hope everyone got something out of this meeting.

Fred talked about the differences in getting a fictional and a non-fictional book accepted by the agents.   For anyone in the non-fiction genre, he mentioned a new book that he just bought:  NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSALS THAT ANYONE CAN WRITE. 

We also talked about Writers’ Conferences and the importance of attending them so you can pitch your book.  Fred passed out information on a Conference in Cleveland on Saturday, August 21st.  We have registration applications if anyone desires to attend. 

Jim brought up self-publishing and Rich told how he successfully self-published his first book, made some money on it, but now is having problems due to his publisher dying. 

Elizabeth told us about self-publishing using .  They have a few different methods on their WEB site to do this.

Rich passed out info on having a Reading of our member’s works at the next meeting. Rich will bring his portable PA system.  We have permission from Books-A-Million to try this.  So put down your thoughts on a short story that you can relate to your fellow writers.

We also received info on how to write a Radio Essay.  If anyone wants to try this, I do a lot of video processing and have some videos on .  I’ll be glad to work with anyone on this.  A video Podcast is easy to set-up also.  Rich did one for Jason which he promised to talk about at the next meeting.

Speaking of the Internet, there are numerous ways to start getting your name out there so you will be more recognizable.  You can start a blog and upload your thoughts on a regular basis.   There are many sites out there that will accept short stories and may even pay for them if they are widely disseminated.  Facebook is another site that may get you a lot of followers.

Here’s a thought to work on for the next meeting:  Should OVWritersGroup have its own Facebook page to get more recognition and more followers?  My photography club has one as do most of the other small organizations around Wheeling that I’m connected with.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New site for novice writers

I received an e-mail the other day about this web site where new writers are welcomed.  The link is:

Their mission statement is:  "WritingRaw is a literary ezine dedicated to new and emerging writers." 

See you on Monday.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Next meeting (Mon. July 19 at 7 PM in Books a Million) I'll pass out an article from Pittsburgh Magazine about Writers Reading which may be a new activity for us at the cafe. Look forward to seeing everyone since I missed the June meeting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hope everyone got the nice email from Tamara Woods with the invite to an Aug. 7 workshop at the Monongalia Arts Center. I printed off a copy to share at our next meeting. I think the best part is that our group is getting found and connected.

I also will want to share a bit of news about former member Jason who now lives in Salt Lake City. Got to interview him via Skype.

Rich K.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Lead for Writers

This is Bill, again.  Another lead from an ad on Facebook.  I remember us talking about getting published on different internet sites to get some name recognition.  This link purports to do just that for us plus paying good money for the articles:

Again, due diligence is recommended. 

If someone finds either of these links to be good for our group, I can make them permanent links on the sidebar.

New Link for Publishing Help

I was on Facebook and an ad for Writers' Publishing Help came up on the right side of the page.  Here's the link for it:

I read some of the guidelines that they have on this WEB site.  Of course, if anybody wants to try them out, due diligence is recommended.

From Bill

p.s. If anybody posts to this blog, please put at least your first name on it so we know who posted it.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Writer's Readings

YEAH! it works!

I just read in Pittsburgh Magazine about a 'writer's reading' where people can gather once a month to read aloud, explain, critique, and CELEBRATE each others writing. I'll bring the article to explain. I'm going to contact BAM and Muggs Cafe to see if they would let us make a little noise. I can bring my small PA system so we can share over the hum of the cooler. It'll add a new element to our meetings if we share and enjoy our writings together. If it works or if it doesn't we can experiment. Maybe draw a crowd and enlist more writing enthusiasts.
Rich K.

Looking forward to July meeting

I think I've rediscovered how to get back to the blog. sorry I missed the June meeting since I was returning from Baltimore that evening.

I've got permission from Cat Pleska to distribute her radio essay handout at the next meeting.

Friday, July 2, 2010

June's Meeting

June's meeting was one of the smallest we've had, but was still very informative and enlightening.  We only had three old members plus one new member, Jolynne.  (That makes three Jo's as members.)  Welcome, Jolynne.

Jolynne had just attended the WV Writers Conference in Ripley, WV and joined us as a result of the blurb that Fred had in the Wheeling newspapers the preceding week. 

Jolynne was able to pitch her book at this conference.  She also posted a blog listing some helpful links and some of the information that she learned from her week-end in Ripley.

Some of the items we discussed were:
      If you GOOGLE Manuscript Wordcount, you can find out how long each genre's books should be.
      Since Fred is working on a book about a local mass murderer, he suggested we read the novel "Monkey on a Stick" which was about another local murder.  It should be available at the Library.

On a personal note, Karla and I have some of our photos hanging all this month at the Artworks around Town North Gallery at the Centre Wheeling Market House. 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sample Non-Fiction Book Proposal

Hi, I'm Jo Lynne Nugent. 

I came to the OVWriters Group meeting for the first time on Monday, June 21, 2010, had a great time, learned a lot and shared some tidbits I picked up from my attendance at the WVWriters Conference held in at Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV,  June 11 - 13, 2010.  Literary Agent Kelly Mortimer from Aguanga, California,  appeared at the WVWriters Conference on June 12 and took 5-minute pitches all afternoon. She shared the web address where you can find her sample non-fiction book proposal:  Once you get there, scroll down a bit and look under Genres for Non-Fiction.  I think you click there and then look for Proposal.  It is a humorous and educational read.  If you want to print it out, be advised: the proposal proper is 15 single-spaced pages followed by the 1st two chapters of the proposed book which appear to be another 60 some pages (because they're at least double spaced), but I don't know for sure, because I stopped the printer after 15 pages.

Kelly also shared her webpage address

Also my blog, the Travelog & Dog Blog, is . I just started writing and blogging in February so be charitable! (Oops! There go those pesky exclamation marks that are discouraged by E.B.White in the Elements of Style! One day I'll learn to avoid them!)

Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  I look forward to atttending again next month.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Re: Digital Book Publishing

Hi Writers,

It's Jason in Salt Lake City. Here is a link to an article that explains why digital book publishing is good for indie authors. It appeared in the Wall Street Journal online and is titled "'Vanity' Press Goes Digital." I hope someone finds it helpful.

Also, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or advice about organizing — and more importantly — incorporating the vast amount of ideas and material that one compiles in the process of writing one's masterpiece. You see, my mom and I have both encountered this problem. We tend to jot down a lot of good stuff during the months of planning, literally more than 100 pages, and then have trouble reining it all in to funnel it back into the pages of our writing. So far, our best approach has been to build and perpetually revise a "master outline" in a simple Word document. But any advice or thoughts on how you've handled this challenge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

One-sentence update on me: I'm still writing (of course), and I'm starting my own film podcast later this month; so I'll share my link once it's up and running, in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

Take care, friends. Ah, I loved summers in the Ohio Valley...

Jason Pyles

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday's Meeting

It was nice to see everyone again. 

Six die-hard members showed up.  Our newest member, Sara, brought the first of many pages of her grandparent's memories that she has written down.  It is a good start for her. 

We talked about the different approaches that Fred could take in his book.  There are three or four different ways to get the readers hooked. 

I took a photo of Jomana and Joanie to use in the Wheeling News-Register  Writers  Digest article that Rich submitted.  Should be in the paper sometime this next week.

Fred is supposed to bring a synopsis of his book to our next meeting.  We had a discussion of just how long a synopsis should be.  According to one article in a writer's magazine, it can be from 2 to 10 pages.

Rich is on the radio tonight at 7:00 pm on WKKX 1600 on a program called "Whispers".  It can also be found streamed live on the internet at

I'm writing this from the basement of the library watching Andy set up for his talk at "Lunch with Books" today.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E-mail Addresses

From Bill:

I've added the e-mail addresses of the members who were at the last meeting like we talked about.  One cannot click the address to send an e-mail.  You have to cut and paste the address into an e-mail.

Let me know if anybody starts getting wierd messages from people you don't know.  One party just started to get them this week and I deleted her e-mail address.  I think it was coincendental, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Week's Lunch with Books at Wheeling Library

From Bill:

Last Tuesday at the LWB, Stan Cohen, who has published many books on WV history and was to speak on the Civil War in WV, instead spent 40 minutes talking about his exploits as a publisher of said 'History' books and only about 10 minutes talking about some Civil War events in WV.  He took some questions from the audience and it was obvious that practically everyone knew more local Civil War history than he did.

94 people showed up expecting to hear a talk on the Civil War.  Sean Duffy who heads the LWB program apologized to everyone about how the talk was off the subject that was advertised in his weekly e-mail to his patrons.

The moral of this story is:  When each of us has a chance to talk about our latest book, make sure that's what we do for the allotted time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meeting of April 19th

We had a good turnout of 9 expect-to-be authors last night, including two new people. Welcome, Sara and Janice. Make sure you mark off the 3rd Monday of each month for our meetings.

Carla and I showed our handiwork in the photography field.

Rich passed around some info on the WV writers organization. The link is on this blog.

We discussed being able to upload PDF files on our blog. It seems like we can upload videos and images, but we can't upload PDF files. We can always add a link to a site that stores them on the WEB. I'll work on getting us some free space where we can store our stories.

For those of you who do not know how to create PDF documents, here are the directions to follow:

It is very easy to convert your word documents or anything else to a pdf file. Go to this WEB site: and download the free software on the left side of the screen.

This will give you another option on your PRINT function. When you have a file you want to convert to PDF, just go to the Print file and click on PrimoPDF. Everything is done automatically.

A PDF file is a good way to attach a document to an e-mail because there are so many different formats that you can write the document in and, if your respondent doesn't have the same SW package, they may not be able to open it.

There was a post made this morning outlining a scenario for a short story to work on before the next meeting. It looks like it could be an interesting exercise.


Monday, April 19, 2010

May Writer's Prompt

Your Story #26: Bloody Knife in Your Hand

You wake up to find a dead body on the floor -- and a bloody knife in your hands. You can't remember what happened so you piece together the clues.

The online contest deadline is May 10. Have fun and good luck if you enter!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Blog

Hi everyone,

I finally decided to add my blog to our site, despite always being nervous about putting anything I say "out there." Currently I've had a readership of oh, maybe two people, so I wasn't too worried. But now -- dun dun dun -- I'm taking a step to just get over it. That, and I trust you guys :o)

Anyway, not to delve too far into my personal history, but I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as a child, and anxiousness and sensitivity have always sort of stuck with me. So I've put lots of time into reading about ways to bring peace, calm, and a zen-like spirituality into my life, and I just thought that I have learned so many helpful ways to do this that I should share them so others can benefit as well.

Writing this blog has been very therapeutic, and if nothing else, helps me come to a better understanding of all the things I've learned -- which, is essentially one of the things we all love about being writers, right? Thanks everyone...hope all is well!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inciting Incidents in Books

Hi Writers,

It's Jason in Salt Lake City again. I'm sorry to keep plaguing the blog with my incessant posts, but I have a legit question for everyone — or anyone.

Of course, everybody knows that the "inciting incident" is the momentous event that occurs early in your story and serves as the catalyst that knocks your protagonist's life out of balance, compelling him or her to embark on a journey to try to restore that balance once again. It jump-starts your story into action. And naturally, all of this revolves around the protagonist's having some kind of goal, want, need or object of desire.

So, I was wondering, does anyone know (or has anyone read anywhere) a written or unwritten rule that specifies how many pages into your book that this inciting incident should occur? In other words, is it within the first five pages, 10 pages, 20 pages or when? In screenplays, this typically occurs within the first 10 to 15 pages, but I'm not sure about novels.

Thanks for your insights.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Examining Your Genre's Writers

Hi Friends,

Jason Pyles here again. I know you wouldn't think it, but that Fast Freddy Connors is smarter than he looks. I remember him encouraging us to browse through our genre of choice, noting how other writers successfully published the kinds of books we're hoping to someday publish.

Well, Fred is brilliant (though he won't take credit for initially having the idea). Indeed, it works wonderfully well! And trust me, you can glean a lot more than you might think:

For example, through some comparative study, I've noticed that the authors who write in my genre typically make their books between 275 to 350 pages. And since I'm writing a novel and a screenplay of the same story concept, I've noticed that for every one page of screenplay plot, there are approximately three pages of novel plot that cover the same ground — just more in-depth. (These are generalizations, of course.)

You can note how each writer's subplots are interwoven with one another, as well as the main plot; how character story arcs are developed and interrelated; etc. Oh, and I've been browsing through bookstores and just looking at how each author begins, noting what works and what doesn't work. The key is to be analytical and to make good notes for yourself.

In short, I'm glad I tried Fred's suggestion. I would encourage anyone in our group — regardless of your genre — to spend some time browsing through your section at the bookstore and see how the apparently successful writers do what you want to do.

And hey, who knows, at the very least, we can imitate what those writers are doing, and at most, we might even find a way to improve upon it.

Writing away from Salt Lake City,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Book Recommendation for Novelists

Hi OV Writer Friends,

This is Jason Pyles writing from Salt Lake City. For the novelists of the group, I found a how-to book series that I love! I recommend checking out this book:

It was published in 2005 and is part of the Square One Writers Guides series.

Anyway, I love having a concrete to-do list of instructions, without a lot of flowery, filler tangents. I hate most how-to books because they're too long-winded and fluffy. They spend too much time trying to tell stories and be cute; whereas, this book spells out cold, hard reality (a.k.a. what you're up against) and gives you direct instructions on what to do next.

Perhaps it just speaks to my personal learning style, but you should check it out, if you get a chance.

Happy writing!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rich and Andy

If anyone missed reading Linda Comins GRAPEVINE column in this Sunday’s Wheeling News-Register, Rich and Andy will be holding workshops for the Mountain State Storytelling Institute on the Fairmont State University Campus this coming Friday and Saturday, March 26-27.  Wish I could be there, but I’m working both days.

The article also mentions Andy’s upcoming appearance at the Ohio County Public Library on May 18th.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meeting of March 15th

Thanks, Joanie, for bringing us up-to-date on the Cincinnati Writers Digest Conference, both in your blog and your report at our meeting. It shows that there is hope and that success may be just around the corner.

Since both Jo and Joanie have used the Writers Digest to further their writing careers, it was suggested that a newspaper article be prepared concerning their efforts. Rich has agreed to take on this task. It will be good publicity for the group and for the individuals involved.

I passed out a short story of what happened to me this winter. Rich gave me a good lead on finding an outlet for it.

Fred brought up that the Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, PA is coming up soon. Since this isn't exactly close to our area, we may want to wait for next year's conference to be held in Pittsburgh. Pennwriters also has put out feelers for our loose-knit club to join them. There does not seem to be any benefits for us. Fred is doing some further checking on this.

Our next meeting will be April 19th at Highlands Books-A-Million at 7:00 pm. Remember to invite anybody else who may be interested in joining or furthering our careers.

There are some interesting Lunch with Books at the Ohio County Public Library coming up including our very own Andy Fraenkel on May 18th. Attached is a copy of the current schedule:


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Editor's Intensive

Hi Everybody,

Bill asked me to write a little bit about the Writer's Digest Editor's Intensive I attended last weekend in Cincinatti. I got a lot out of it and would encourage anyone who has a manuscript of any genre completed or at least fifty pages, to attend one of these. For me, having a 30 minute one on one with an editor to go over my work and give very specific advice on how to make it better was worth every penny. Where else can you go and get your work critiqued by a professional plus learn the ins and outs of blogging, tweeting and facebooking- platform building? I had a good experience but I have much work ahead of me to get my manuscript up to par. The great thing is now I know what I need to do to make my work more appealing to agents. I'll share a few tips now that I didn't get to in our meeting last night. Here are 5 ways you can meet agents:
1. At conferences
2. Through referrels (sp)?
3. Publishing credits. In other words, try to get articles or short stories published in magazines. Many times agents will seek you out.
4. Through writing contests
5. Through submissions/queries

It was suggested not to query any more than 5-7 agents at one time. If you get no's from those 5-7, it's time to revise something. There is so much more information to share. I will make copies of the hand-outs I received if any one would like a copy. I will bring them to our next meeting.
OK, so here's one more tip, Fred. One editor said the biggest turn-off for him when reading a manuscript is TOO MUCH PASSIVE VOICE. He suggested going back and underlining every was and is and adding action instead. I would be happy to go into more (editor's)turn-offs at our next meeting if any one is interested. Happy blogging!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Writer's Digest Writing Prompt

Okay everybody, here's our writing prompt for this month:

Your Story #25: April Fool's Day Joke

Two boys attempt to pull an April Fool's Day joke on a female classmate, only to find out that she's the one fooling them.

Unfortunately, the deadline for the contest is April 10, and we won't be meeting until the following week. But I think anyone who wants to enter the contest should, and we can just share our stories at the next meeting. If nothing else, at least we'll be motivating ourselves to practice!

The stories should be 750 words or less, and you can find more details about the contest at:

Good luck and have fun!

Monday, March 1, 2010

See You on March 15

Since there was no response to possible March 1 meeting, I assume it is off. As if the snow isn't enough, I have sickness in the family. See you all on March 15. Good Luck Joanie.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

March 1 Good For Me

Hi All

I can be there on March 1 be the Good Lord willing and the snow don't fly.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make-up meeting

I think Joanie has a good idea.  Anyone for trying to get together on Monday, March 1st for a make-up meeting?  Maybe the snow will be ended by then.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Anyone want to get together before the March meeting? The Writers Digest Editor's Intensive is March 13-14 and I would like to go. Anyone else interested?

BTW-I've received 6 rejections so far and counting!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Swap

Hi all! Wow, this weather is a bummer...I was really looking forward to tonight's meeting.

Rich, I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget that I have your book...I guess I'll just have to bring it next month unless you need it before then. Just let me know.

Stay warm and safe everybody!

Meeting Cancelled

Since the snow has started in earnest and the weather men and women are predicting up to 4” tonight and Fred has already said he can’t make it, I can safely predict that this month’s OV Writers Group meeting is cancelled.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 15th at 7:00 pm at the Books-A-Million at the Highlands.  Hopefully the Ides of March will be better than the Ides of February is proving to be.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tomorrow’s Meeting (2-15-10)

Just a reminder to everyone.  If Ohio County Schools are closed tomorrow, our meeting is cancelled.  Since the snow (2” to 4”) is due to start in the afternoon and tomorrow is President’s Day, this may not work.  The schools may be automatically closed for the holiday. If the expected snow starts in the afternoon as expected and looks like it may get nasty, you may consider the meeting cancelled.


I'm out for Monday

Hi all

I will not be able to be there Monday. I have weather related problems.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey guys,

Check out the "Lucky Agent " contest at This month it is for middle grade/ya novels. Hurry, you only have until 2/21. Each month, the catagory will change, so if children's is not your genre, keep checking back.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Rejection of Rejection

Hey Rich

Can you e-mail me a copy of the Rejection Letter.

I would like to share it with some Pennwriter friends. Are there any copyright issues?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Correction to My Last Post


Sentence has been deleted. Sorry about that, but it just slipped out. Besides we did discuss the leaning of the editorial pages at the paper.

I am writing this post while sitting in a motel room in Morgantown that is being paid for by a credit card from the Federal Government while watching the State of the Union Address. For the next 4 months, I will be an employee once again of the Federal Government. You could say I'm a strict non-partisan individual right now.


OV Writer in Utah

Hello friends,

Jason Pyles here. Sorry to skip out of town so quickly last December. Life is weird like that sometimes, but it makes for good writing inspiration. Though I'm living in Salt Lake City now, I still feel like I'm part of the group. I enjoy visiting this blog and reading your posts.

During my trek west I came up with a good story idea for a novel, so I'm going to try some fiction writing to see how it turns out. And just for kicks I thought I'd study screenwriting. Nothing serious, though.

Anyway, I have nothing significant to contribute through this post. I just wanted you all to know I'm thinking about our little group from afar, and I'm rooting you on.

See you in the bookstores.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Place For Politics


Please remove your information about conservative views being welcome. That topic never came up at the last meeting and there is no place here for political nonsense.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

OV Writers Group Welcomes John McCabe

By Bill Orkoskey

OV Writers Group

WHEELING - On January 18, 2010, a small but enthusiastic group welcomed guest speaker John McCabe, Editor of the Wheeling Intelligencer/News-Register to our meeting.

John offered us tips on how to be a free-lance writer for the newspapers. The main topics they are interested in are local events that aren’t presently covered, but good travel pieces within 4 or 5 hours driving time from Wheeling are also good . Pictures accompanying the articles are always a good idea. With the current digital cameras available, everybody should have a decent camera with them at all times.

You can pitch feature articles first. John can be reached at 304-233-0100, ext. 200 or you can send him an e-mail at

Full length articles should be 500-700 words. The newspapers use a standard font of 12 pt Times. The story as set-up for the paper comes out to 28 words per 1 inch of copy. Feature articles with pictures may get you $40-$50. But more important will be having your own By-line in a prestigious publication so you can add this to your resume.

One more word of caution. If given a deadline on a story, don’t wait for the last minute to submit it like a certain former reporter that we all know used to do.

John was so impressed with our little group that he may be back for our next meeting on February 15 at Books-A-Million at the Highlands.

If anyone has a friend who may be interested in writing, please bring them along. Fred and Rich both brought new members to the meeting. We welcomed Andy and Roland to our small group. Andy passed out the first page of his novel he’s working on about his father who happed to have been the barber for General Zhukov, Poland’s #1 General in World War II. Talk about a front row seat for some of the great battles of the war. It’s sure to be a best seller. Remember, you heard if here first.

In other news about our meeting, Rich read an interesting spoof letter from an author rejecting his rejection letter.

One more comment on writing for the local newspapers. You can always start out getting your name known down there by writing Letters-to-the-Editor. I have had four letters published so far and John knew my name before we met. You won’t make any money on this, but you may get satisfaction which is more than the Rolling Stones could get.

Writer's Digest

Hello Everyone,

Writer's Digest is having an "Editor's Intensive" at their headquarters in Cincinnati March 13-14. I am planning on attending. Cost is $299 through 2/25. Anyone else want to go? Check it out on the website. Saturday each person's first 50 will be evaluated by a professional editor and on Sunday you get 30 minutes to meet one on one with an editor to discuss your manuscript.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This ad was in a newsletter today that I subscribe to called HARO (help a reporter out). I haven't had a chance to check this outfit out, but I trust what HARO puts out. Mention HARO for a no-cost manuscript evaluation or phone consultation.

Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor to independent authors and small presses. They attract the most prominent experts and consultants because under the Greenleaf publishing model, authors retain all of their rights, keep 100% of their direct sales revenue, and are not bound to Greenleaf for any length of time, and Greenleaf delivers distribution muscle on par with the major New York publishing houses. Unlike many book "coaches" who make their money providing advice rather than selling books, Greenleaf develops authors with the ultimate goal of mutual book sales. As such, they are always looking for great content from qualified experts to add to their list. With four New York Times bestsellers and six Wall Street Journal bestsellers in the past few years, they've figured out how to make the most of a deliberately smaller published line. Contact Tanya Hall at or 512-891-6100.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Questions for Guest?

Sorry you can't make it Joanie. Do you (or anybody else) have any questions for our guest? He is John McCabe, managing editor of the Wheeling Newspapers.


Monday, January 11, 2010

January Meeting

Looks like I won't be able to attend next week's meeting. Hate to miss it. I've sent out four query letters so far. I'm still researching agents and plan to find at least twenty more! I found this website, for writers. There is an annual fee but looks interesting.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Verifying content from other sources

Hi, Gang.

I just received an e-mail today about us having accidentally posted some info received from a 3rd party which we were not allowed to reproduce. It was the blog titled "More about WLA." We are allowed to post a link to the article:

I treat info I receive the same way and post whole articles without checking for reproduction permission, especially dealing with YouTube.

I have deleted the post, but I made a copy of it if anyone wants to have a copy.