Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This ad was in a newsletter today that I subscribe to called HARO (help a reporter out). I haven't had a chance to check this outfit out, but I trust what HARO puts out. Mention HARO for a no-cost manuscript evaluation or phone consultation.

Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor to independent authors and small presses. They attract the most prominent experts and consultants because under the Greenleaf publishing model, authors retain all of their rights, keep 100% of their direct sales revenue, and are not bound to Greenleaf for any length of time, and Greenleaf delivers distribution muscle on par with the major New York publishing houses. Unlike many book "coaches" who make their money providing advice rather than selling books, Greenleaf develops authors with the ultimate goal of mutual book sales. As such, they are always looking for great content from qualified experts to add to their list. With four New York Times bestsellers and six Wall Street Journal bestsellers in the past few years, they've figured out how to make the most of a deliberately smaller published line. Contact Tanya Hall at tanya@greenleafbookgroup.com or 512-891-6100.


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