Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18 meeting

From:  Bill

Rich put together another fun night of outstanding authors reading their articles to the rest of us.  This new program just shows how outstanding our writing companions are.

Karen started it off with a family autobiography called “Sharing A Dream”.

This was followed up by Helen reading a poem “Love Exchange” that she submitted to a national poetry contest. She was 1 of 100 winners.  She also read an article out of the May 2008 edition of GOOD OLD DAYS which she submitted and they published.  It was entitled “My Family in the Flood” and told the story of how she and her family survived the 1936 flood in Wheeling.

Then Fred read “Carnations and Candles” concerning his observations on the night that the violence victims met at Wheeling’s Heritage Port.  This will be posted on Fred’s new blog.

Next we had Andy reading an article that he had published in Renaissance Magazine called “Taking Out the Garbage.”  This shows that any topic, if done right, can be sold.

Kathryn then read “Dog Tales” about her life-long love for collies and how her family came to get the first one. 

Finally Todd read a fiction short story which may be the basis for something longer.  The genre may be hard to pin down.  It could fall into Sci-Fi or Fantasy. 

After the readings were done, we discussed a few minor things but mostly broke into small groups to talk about the readings we just heard.

After most of the group had left, Fred mentioned that he thought the December meeting should be held in a location where we could celebrate the holiday season.  Since we get a lot of drop-ins, I think we should start out at Books-A-Million and then adjoin to some place else up at the Highlands.  Think about this and let us have your thoughts on this at the November meeting.

We also had two visitors drop in from Pittsburgh thanks to Fred’s invitation to his Pittsburgh writer’s friends.  They said we have something really unique in the readings we’re doing.

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