Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Blog

Hi everyone,

I finally decided to add my blog to our site, despite always being nervous about putting anything I say "out there." Currently I've had a readership of oh, maybe two people, so I wasn't too worried. But now -- dun dun dun -- I'm taking a step to just get over it. That, and I trust you guys :o)

Anyway, not to delve too far into my personal history, but I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as a child, and anxiousness and sensitivity have always sort of stuck with me. So I've put lots of time into reading about ways to bring peace, calm, and a zen-like spirituality into my life, and I just thought that I have learned so many helpful ways to do this that I should share them so others can benefit as well.

Writing this blog has been very therapeutic, and if nothing else, helps me come to a better understanding of all the things I've learned -- which, is essentially one of the things we all love about being writers, right? Thanks everyone...hope all is well!


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