Friday, July 2, 2010

June's Meeting

June's meeting was one of the smallest we've had, but was still very informative and enlightening.  We only had three old members plus one new member, Jolynne.  (That makes three Jo's as members.)  Welcome, Jolynne.

Jolynne had just attended the WV Writers Conference in Ripley, WV and joined us as a result of the blurb that Fred had in the Wheeling newspapers the preceding week. 

Jolynne was able to pitch her book at this conference.  She also posted a blog listing some helpful links and some of the information that she learned from her week-end in Ripley.

Some of the items we discussed were:
      If you GOOGLE Manuscript Wordcount, you can find out how long each genre's books should be.
      Since Fred is working on a book about a local mass murderer, he suggested we read the novel "Monkey on a Stick" which was about another local murder.  It should be available at the Library.

On a personal note, Karla and I have some of our photos hanging all this month at the Artworks around Town North Gallery at the Centre Wheeling Market House. 


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