Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gist St. article

Since I'm the guy who wants to institute a writers reading forum I thought I'd give a sense of what I envision. Ironic I can't make it to the next meeting. Hopefully, many of you have read the Pittsburgh Magazine article distributed at the last meeting. Very ambitious what they've done in Pittsburgh. My hope is for something scaled back and still enjoyable. I want OVW to:

1. Have a support setting for writers to test their own work before a live audience. Nothing like immediate feedback to get a sense of how the words are flowing.

2. An audience! Sometimes you're so excited about a project that you want to share NOW and what could be better than a gathering of friends over coffee to showcase the talent?

3. Bring in creative writing teachers from area schools and colleges to share their talents. I think the poets would be a great addition and are lurking out there wishing for an audience.

4. With a place to share (BaM), our group grows in membership and becomes even more dynamic.

What I don't want?
I don't want somebody to 'share' an article written by somebody else. Make handouts for us to enjoy at home during a quiet moment.
I don't want people to share passages from their favorite book. I want to hear fresh creative original writing from our members.

Rich K.

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