Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Storyteller Shares His Insights

Hi Writers,

This is Jason Pyles writing from Salt Lake City. At the risk of seeming like a self-promoter, I wanted to let you know that our very own professional storyteller Rich Knoblich braved my contrary co-hosts and graced my movie podcast with his narrative wisdom. (For those who don't know, a podcast is basically a topical radio show that can be heard anytime online.)

Though our show is primarily about movies (and not writing, per se), I thought you might be interested because we discuss a storytelling technique that Rich refers to as a "sidebar" that also frequently shows up in book-writing.

Anyway, it's a free show that can be downloaded off the Internet here:

Rich makes his appearance in Episode 2, which is our show about the "Toy Story" franchise. And just beware, though our show is more or less family-friendly, it has some very mild off-color moments of levity.

Jason Pyles


  1. Very cool! I'll definitely be checking it out...awesome job you two :)

  2. Geesh, guess I should stop picking on people who forget to leave their names on comments. Lol :). ~Jo