Sunday, July 25, 2010

OVW Handouts

At our last meeting we had some new members. Handouts from past meetings were requested. As we grow it will become necessary to give handouts to new members and it's not known how many will be needed. I don't want to leave anybody out so I decided to scan all of my handouts into a folder. I'll put it onto a thumbdrive to share with anybody who brings a laptop.

I don't have all the handouts so if you have one that you think is of help bring it to the next meeting and I'll take it home, scan it, and deposit it into the growing folder. Because there are images the individual files are a bit large for emailing. I did scan them as PDF files.

OR you can bring a blank CD and I can save it onto the disc for you. Thumbdrives and CD's are the easiest way I know to update and distribute the info. If you know of another way let me know.

Rich K.

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