Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Editor's Intensive

Hi Everybody,

Bill asked me to write a little bit about the Writer's Digest Editor's Intensive I attended last weekend in Cincinatti. I got a lot out of it and would encourage anyone who has a manuscript of any genre completed or at least fifty pages, to attend one of these. For me, having a 30 minute one on one with an editor to go over my work and give very specific advice on how to make it better was worth every penny. Where else can you go and get your work critiqued by a professional plus learn the ins and outs of blogging, tweeting and facebooking- platform building? I had a good experience but I have much work ahead of me to get my manuscript up to par. The great thing is now I know what I need to do to make my work more appealing to agents. I'll share a few tips now that I didn't get to in our meeting last night. Here are 5 ways you can meet agents:
1. At conferences
2. Through referrels (sp)?
3. Publishing credits. In other words, try to get articles or short stories published in magazines. Many times agents will seek you out.
4. Through writing contests
5. Through submissions/queries

It was suggested not to query any more than 5-7 agents at one time. If you get no's from those 5-7, it's time to revise something. There is so much more information to share. I will make copies of the hand-outs I received if any one would like a copy. I will bring them to our next meeting.
OK, so here's one more tip, Fred. One editor said the biggest turn-off for him when reading a manuscript is TOO MUCH PASSIVE VOICE. He suggested going back and underlining every was and is and adding action instead. I would be happy to go into more (editor's)turn-offs at our next meeting if any one is interested. Happy blogging!


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