Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15th Meeting

From:  Bill

We had another good meeting last night with 12 people in attendance. We started off by having four readers read their short stories or poems.

Bill started it off by reading B I G O T which is not what it sounds like it would be.  BIGOT was the top of the line in secrets during World War II.

Rich read  Victorian Christmas Tree which was published in his book.

Alice read Breeding Ground, Journey Back, The Adversary, Emergent, and Wasteland.

Helen read An Ode to the Computer which was published in 1985 when everybody in business had to learn to use a new tool.

Todd read one of his blog entries on how to downsize so that everything you own has to fit in a compact car to make the cross-country journey from CA to WV.

After the readings, we met our newest member, Chris Berhalter, who had his first book published in August.  The book is Heir to the Throne and is published by Aberdeen Bay Publishers.  He had it published without knowing anything about the business of getting a book published.

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