Monday, November 30, 2009

Craig Karges & J. David Diosi

Since their new book was brought up at our last meeting, there are two opportunities to see them and have the book signed before our next meeting.  This coming Friday, December 4th, (I can’t believe it’s December already) they will be at the Stifel Fine Arts Center, 1330 National Rd, Wheeling from 4-6 pm.

Also, I just received the following e-mail:

JUST ADDED: Craig Karges and J. David Diosi on December 22!

NEW PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT: Craig Karges, Wheeling’s own “Extraordinist,” returns along with co-author J. David Diosi on Tuesday, December 22 at noon to discuss the new book, Extraordinary Tales: Stories from the Road. One part travel memoir and one part encyclopedia of the paranormal, the book takes readers around the world to explore the mystery of Atlantis, King Solomon's Mines, the Ark of the Covenant, Jack the Ripper, the secrets of the pyramids, Bigfoot, the White Witch of Jamaica, the Bermuda Triangle, and WV’s Mothman. It's a fun-filled world of ghosts, vampires and crystal skulls. Don't miss the pre-Christmas magic at Lunch With Books!

There was a good article on the writing of this book in Sunday’s Life section of the Wheeling News-Register.

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