Thursday, January 27, 2011

An E-mailing List For EVERYBODY in the OV Writers' Group

Hi Writers,

This is Jason Pyles in Salt Lake City. For a long time now, the members of this group have wanted a way to receive e-mail updates from this blog. Blogger only allows for a small number of people (like, 10) to receive these posts via e-mail. So, this won't matter as much to you exclusive folks who are already receiving this post in your inbox.

Nevertheless, I've THINK I've figured out a clever way for the rest of us to receive these updates via e-mail every time someone posts something new. Therefore, if you'd like to receive these e-mail updates, send me a quick e-mail to this address:

I will enable the forwarding of every post that's published on this blog to come to whatever e-mail address you use to write to me.

Thank Fred. He has harassed me long enough to figure this out. I had to do something, so he'd leave me alone.     ; )



  1. Here are a couple other interesting sites.

  2. Another good magazine: Poets & Writers

  3. Vacation and weather has interferred with Helens, Karens, and my ability to attend the meetings. We are all hoping to make it this month.